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TBC Global operates under a 360 trade execution model, from trade consultancy to POS measurement and insights

We manage your brand offering all necessary tools to reach an efficient execution at POS. We are your sales team, your promotional team, your trade analyst. We are, in fact, your 360º trade partner.

TBC Global agencia trade marketing
Global Trade Marketing Agency: focused on strategic consulting, to give way to execution (commercial team network) measurement (technology in the POS) and analysis.
TBC Global analyzes what the brand needs. Our trade teams, specialized in all channels on and off trade, execute the established plan. And, with TechBC, we measure and control what happens at POS.

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Outsourcing commercial department services is a growing trend in the consumer market, whose success lies in a number of advantages for brands that decide to apply this commercial management.

Main attributes in commercial department services outsourcing are:


Being able to have flexible sales forces adaptable to the needs that the brand has at all times is an advantage for it, leaving in the hands of commercial specialists development of the plan, execution and subsequent measurement of the service.


of areas not covered on a regular basis, helping to increase turnover there where in-house equipment does not arrive.

Financial efficiency

The adaptability of sales force outsourcing allows not to rely on payroll equipment that, in market cycle changes, place an excessive load on the brand’s cost line.

Speed and efficiency

in execution: brand-specific trainings, for specific actions, with specific targets and well-defined KPIs are part of the DNA of outsourcing. In many cases, internal business teams have problems with adaptability (resistance to change) or the execution of new business approaches, new products, new strategies.


focused in POS analysis, whose knowledge and use would result in excessive time (just what the brand does not have) for its management and analysis. These technological developments are key in the area of reporting to clients, resulting in cost reduction spending both in technological investment and in time spent in data analysis.

Route management and optimization

At current constant changing FMCG universe, commercial outsourcing teams manage these changes, analyze them, and adapt them to their customers’ needs.

Why TBC Global

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We are specialists in commercial networks and, as such, we know that the future of management and negotiation of POS also involves investing in technology and making the work-flow between brand and supplier increasingly operational. That’s why we invest in technological development. To be faster, more productive, to inform you better and more efficiently, to make decisions and get improvements in your speed to market. We invest, in short, in your brand.

Our Mission

Maximize results and coverage through our sales teams, technology and consulting.

To increase brand coverage, improve your image and trade in POS, for the ultimate purpose that is to sell, sell and sell.

Our Vision

The brand distributes the range in the POS. We help you implementing, growing, analyzing and correcting.

We see a future marked by the excellence of execution in POS, supported by the most advanced technologies and the necessary analytical capacity, which will emanate from teamwork between brand and outsourced services.

Our Values

Transparency, Innovation, Technology, Consulting, Training and Promotion.

Transparency: We believe in open information, clear objectives and transparent and accessible information to our customers.

Innovation: We keep thinking about how to improve the equipment, routes, negotiations, reports and new analytical perspectives.

Tecnology: We provide technological value, which influences productivity improvement and sales growth.

Consulting: We do not report data, we report analyses; which makes a big difference.

Trainning y promotion: high degrees of motivation in our teams, through continuous training and internal promotion.

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Step forward in managing your brand at the Point of Sale