marketing digial activacionHere we Activate your Brand

If the main goal is lots of people falling in love with your brand, we must know where that audience is and how can we activate it. Analysis suggests opportunities, opportunities become ideas, and ideas are engineered into reality through integrated marketing based on consumer’s touch points.

Brand Strategy

analisis consumidor

To make a brand relevant it is necessary to treat consumers as people
not as abstract entities willing to consume. Understanding consumers is as important as understanding your brand.

But, how do we analyse people? Keep on reading.


• Consumer & Shopper research
• Brand Analysis
  (equity, health, value)
• Portfolio Analysis
• Expansion & internationalization
• Product Launching
• On/off Media Measuring
• Ethnography Investigation
• Product & Concept Test
• Cuantitativos y Cualitativos
• Target and Opportunity Detection
• Channel Strategy
• Digital Strategy

Consumer Touch Points

We analyse consumers and how to connect with them.

conexión consumidor


And we activate the brand at the appropriate place and moment


Shopper Marketing

shopper marketingMaybe your brand needs
to be activated
at the Point Of Purchase


• POP activation (we have more
  than 160 POP merchandisers)
• “Mobile shopping” solutions
• E-Commerce optimization
• Proximity marketing


medios offlineOr maybe it needs to be activated
through media (on and off)


• Media Strategy
• Media planning
• Media buying
• Media integration (on & off)
• Planned Procurement

Being Social

social mediaOr maybe it is just a matter of being present
at media, being heard and to listen.


• Communication Strategy
• SEO/SEM execution
• Social Media execution


analisis de marcaSometimes, we do not know what happens to the brand,
and we need to analyse it.


• Shopper research
• Modeling
• POP audit
• Digital Positioning
• Product test
• Mistery Shopper

Experience Marketing

marketing inspiracionalOr even simpler,
make the brand a relevant experience
for consumers


• Product sampling
• Events
• Sponsoring
• Mobile tours
• Street teams